Photograph of myself

I am a post-doc in the EMSEC team at CNRS/IRISA (Rennes, France). Previously I completed my PhD on Backdoor Detection Systems for Embedded Devices under the joint supervision of Flavio Garcia and Tom Chothia at the University of Birmingham, UK.

This page provides a concise summary of myself and the content of this site; see About for a longer, more detailed profile of myself as an academic/researcher.

In addition to serving the purpose of an informal C.V., I use this site to publish both Notes I have made on various topics, as well as longer forms of Writing, such as essays. In keeping with that openness, as a supporter of Open science and Open-source software, where possible, I use this site to provide access to research and other, not exclusively research-related, e.g., software, projects I have worked on; to that end, see Publications and Projects.